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Custom luminaries make any event more memorable! We customize our luminaries with your monogram, special date or special occasion information. Our beautiful luminaries are perfect for any holiday, event or special occasion!

We take pride in the handcrafted, unique and decorative look of our luminary products. Our luminaries are a charming and elegant way to decorate a large area, line a driveway or walkway, and lighting the way for guests arriving for a special event. We offer wedding luminaries, party luminaries, Christmas luminaries, New Years luminaries, Halloween luminaries, and more. Add instant charm to an evening party by sending off sky lanterns for a breathtaking display. String our paper lanterns in trees, along porch railings and decks for a magical glow to your evening.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are our most frequently asked questions. Please contact us if you have additional questions.

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Do you offer express shipping or rush orders?
Your order will generally ship within 7 - 10 business days. Due to the custom nature of our items, we do not offer express shipping or rush orders.

What does the "(+$$.00)" mean after the price?

Please do not concern yourself with this figure. It is simply Yahoo!'s way of identifying a price increase from the base price.

Do you have a catalog you can send me?
Because we are constantly updating our site and adding new products, we do not offer a print catalog as it would quickly be outdated. Please follow us on Facebook to be notified of new additions and discounts.

I don't trust ordering anything over the internet - can't I call in my order? We understand your concerns, but calling in your order is probably what you should not do - on our site or any other. Do you know where your credit card number is going? Is it being written down on a scrap of paper, then tossed carelessly away? You just don't know...but with PayPal, you are using a payment gateway that is absolutely secure - and guaranteed! If you are fraudulently charged for something, they will research it and reverse any unauthorized charges. When you pay through PayPal, we do not see your financial information. Now doesn't that sound great into today's somewhat scary online world? We thought so, too!

Is there a phone number I can reach someone at?
Due to our busy production schedule and the custom nature of our products, we respectfully ask that all communication is done via email. This provides both parties with a written confirmation of requests and any other communications critical to design and deadlines.

We will do our best to respond to your email within 8 business hours. Please note that as a security precaution, we do not accept phone orders.

Business Hours:
9AM - 4PM Eastern
Closed Weekends and Holidays

Luminaries are the perfect decorating accessory to your special event. Custom Luminaries will add charm and a magical glow to your gathering.