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Memorial Sky Lanterns
Memorial sky lanterns are a beautiful way to honor and pay tribute to the loss of a precious loved one. Send a sky lantern off into the heavens and commemorate a special date or memory.

Our sky lanterns are fire resistant, biodegradable & earth friendly. String holds the fuel patch instead of wire, making them safer for the environment - especially when launched at large events.

This is our basic, most popular sized sky lantern sold worldwide.

34" High x 15"(base) - 24"(mid section).

Sky lantern is made of fire resistant paper. Fully assembled, it comes complete with attached fuel cell made of cloth, wax & paper.

*** Please note: Custom Luminaries is not responsible for any damage or injury whatsoever in connection with the use of this product. ***

Luminaries are the perfect decorating accessory to your special event. Custom Luminaries will add charm and a magical glow to your gathering.