Make Luminarias easy and safe with the non–flammable and reusable LumaBase®!  These bases help keep your luminary  in place without blowing away or tipping over.  Simply fill the bases with sand or water and be worry-free.

Product Details:
– Included: 100 patented LumaBases®
– Material: Plastic with a non–flammable additive
– No need for messy sand again
– The LumaBase holds three different sizes of candles and LED’s (Openings to accept: 1–1/2″, 1–1/8″, 3/4″)
– LumaBase size is 5–5/8″ x 3–1/4″ x 1–3/4″
– The weight anchors the bag
– Fill with water or sand
– Re–use for all seasonal luminaria displays
– Don’t forget to add luminaria bags…available in plastic or paper!
– So easy to use: Pull out the blue cap, fill with water, pop the cap back in. This will provide you with about a pound of weight to anchor your luminaria

Patented design, the LumaBase is used for anchoring a luminaria bag from blowing over. Easy to use by popping the cap, fill with tap water, secure the plug and is ready to use. LumaBase size is 5–5/8″ x 3–1/4″ x 1–3/4″ and fits perfectly inside our luminaria bags.The plastic is produced with a non–flammable additive. (Note: Base can melt under direct flame but will not catch fire).

– Specifically designed for use in luminaria display and to replace the need for messy sand
– Helpful Hint: If you plan on keeping the water stored in your luminarias, add a drop of dish detergent to avoid mold
– When filling up your LumaBase, leave a little air space to allow for expanding in freezing weather
– Use to weight a string of balloons

100 LumaBase® Candle Light Holders

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