Custom Nursery Nightlights for Nurseries and Children's Bedrooms.  Delight your little one with our sweet Forest Babies collection. This adorable sleeping fawn is the perfect addition for your baby's nursery.




Auto on/off with built-in light sensor, which will detect the light intensity.  It will light up automatically in the dark and turn off in light. Just plug in, no need to turn on/off the light.


The night light can be used in bedrooms hallw,ay, bathrooms, passageways, kitchen, living room, nursery room, etc.


Consumes less power with dusk-to-dawn sensor. The brightness changes according to ambient light. The darker the surroundings are, the brighter the nightlight will be. Operating at 12hrs/day, only 1.3 kwh is consumed per year.


Soft Brightness - 0.3 watts, 40 lumens, daylight 5000k.


Safe and Reliable--Small size, won’t cover up other sockets, 110-130V AC input, standard US plug, no batteries needed, no heat, safe for kids room.

Baby Deer Nightlight


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