Quality copper wire battery powered LED bright lights are perfect to keep on-hand for your next party. Wrap around a vase, decorate a flower arrangement, illuminate a glass jar, or lay on your party table to brighten up! \n \nProduct Details \n� 2 - 30 bright warm white lights on a 128" cord, 4" between each light \n� Copper bendable wire cord, ideal for wrapping \n� Working time: 20-35 hours \n� Battery pack: 2" x 7/8" x 1/4" includes 2-CR2450 batteries, replaceable \n� Cord is waterproof, battery pack is not waterproof \n� Wire color: copper \n� Light color: warm white \n \nDescription \nIncluded are 2 copper bendable wire cords each with 30 warm white lights (the size of a rice kernal). The lights include a coin battery, so you can use them right out of the package. The string lights are weatherproof, the battery packs are not. \n \nUses \n� Perfect for wrapping around a vase, gift box, centerpiece or flower arrangement \n� Ideal for weddings, Christmas holidays, patriotic events, fund raisers, halloween, birthdays, new years eve, dorm rooms, family reunions, St. Patricks day, Valentines day, Easter and everyday home d�cor \n� Stock up now to use throughout the year \n� Keep on hand in case the lights go out

Battery LED Fairy String Lights Copper - Warm White 2-30L

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