Transform empty wine bottles into an illuminated lamp with battery operated mini LED lighted wire string lights with a faux cork stopper! \nThese quality LED lights are a perfect way to decorate for your next party. Just add to empty wine bottle and switch on the lights. Wireless and cordless. \n \nProduct Details \n� Pack includes: 6 � 10 Light cords, each wire cord 19? in length, with 10 bright lights at 2.125? between each light \n� Working time: up to 10 hours \n� Battery pack looks like a cork! .875" x 1�.875" includes 3�LR44 batteries and 9 extra replaceable batteries \n� Cord is waterproof, battery pack wine cork is not waterproof \n� Cork is not made of real cork. It is molded plastic to hold the batteries and on/off switch \n� Cord color: silver \n� Light color: white \n \nDescription \nIncluded are 6 strands of string lights (60 total lights). Light time: 10�15 hours, batteries included and are replaceable. 6 � 10 lights on a bendable string, with a cork-like stopper. Each LED looks like a colorful glimmering water droplet clinging to a shiny silver wire. \n \nUses \n� Great for adding light to a clear or colored wine bottle \n� Group 6 together for a fun and illuminating centerpiece \n� A fun idea for decorating bachelorette parties, neighborhood wine tasting or while lounging outside in the garden with a glass of your favorite wine \n� Makes a nice gift to add with a bottle of wine \n� Perfect for a centerpiece or lighting accent

Battery LED Fairy String Lights Wine Cork - White 6-10L

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