Quality battery powered LED bright lights are perfect light up an area, plant or wreath, where an electrical outlet is unavailable. Wrap around garland, decorate a doorway, line a doorway entrance, hang under the patio umbrella or lay on your party food table to brighten up! \n \nProduct Details \n� Cord length: 113.5?, lead from battery pack to first light: 17.5?, between each light: 4" \n� Lights: 25 each (50 total) \n� Working time: 70-100 hours \n� Battery pack 3.5? x 2.75? x .5?, uses 3 AA batteries, not included \n� On/off switch, no timer available on this string light \n� Cord is waterproof, battery pack is not waterproof \n� Pack includes: 2 � 25 light cords \n� Cord color: green \n� Light color: multi color \n \nDescription \nThe LED lights provide light anywhere without the worry of finding the nearest outlet. Each cord has 25 LED lights with 4" between each light. The lead from the battery pack to the first light is 17.5". The green cord blends nicely when wrapped around an indoor plant or front door wreath. \n \nUses \n� Perfect for lighting up a table setting, doorway entrance, under an patio umbrella, around an indoor plant, front door wreath or garland or bannister \n� Ideal for weddings, Christmas holidays, summer nights, patriotic holidays, picnics, Halloween, St. Patrick�s day, earth day \n� Stock up now to use throughout the year to make any occasion more festive

Battery LED String Light - Multi 2-25L

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