Colorful String Light Electric Nylon Lanterns transform any room or outdoor party into a festive event \n \nWhether the sun sets before or during your party, these illuminated colorful nylon lanterns sets a festive and fun atmosphere. \nHang them from tree branches or under your patio umbrella. String along your deck or near your pool. \n \nProduct Details \n� Includes: 10 � 6" diameter round lighted nylon lanterns, 10 expanders, 165� silver string light cord \n� 165" Battery Operated Cord with 10 white light, 12� from battery pack to first light, 17" spacing between lights \n� Battery pack: 3� x 2� x .75� holds 3AA batteries (not included) \n� LED light time: 72 Hours with new batteries \n� Weather resistant lanterns and cord, battery pack is not waterproof \n� Indoor or temporary outdoor use \n� Available in White, Fuchsia, Orange, Purple, Red, Turquoise, Green and Multi Color! \n� Lantern color: ORANGE \n \nDescription \n10�6" round Nylon Lanterns with a mini 168" lighted silver cord. The battery pack holds 3AA batteries, not included. Whether the sun sets before or during your party,�these illuminated nylon�lanterns sets a festive and fun atmosphere. Some assembly required. With the convenience of battery powered lights, no need to run an extension cord to an outlet! \n \nUses \n� Hang the lanterns between branches for a garden party, allowing the lanterns to sway gently in the wind or at the entrance of your party, above your dining area or dinner table, under a party tent, under a ceiling at an event, under the roof overhang or under your patio umbrella \n� Battery powered chinese lanterns make any occasion more festive \n� Colorful lanterns are an economical decor that creates a beautiful ambiance \n� Hang a ribbon on the cord between the lanterns for a personal touch \n� Using 2 shepherd's hooks on the ends of a picnic table allow the string lights to hang above to keep it illuminated \n � Ideal for adding a splash of color and light over a table, dance floor or entrance way

Battery LED String Lights Nylon Lantern 6" - Orange 10ct

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