Decorating your home and for special occasions has been so delightful! These worry free lovely candle sticks include a convenient timer. Integrate these tapers into your centerpiece using your favorite candle stick holders or add to a candlelbria. \n \nProduct Details \n� 4 ivory taper candle sticks \n� Size: .75� diameter x 9.25" \n� Safe indoor and temporary outdoor use \n� Batteries: 2 AA, not included \n� Timer: 5 hours on/19 hours off, twist on bottom rubber cap base to start light and timer \n� Housing color: ivory \n� Light color: amber \n \nDescription \nSmooth faux-wax taper candle sticks with a natural amber flickering light make this light perfect for a sophisticated and safe. Each candle stick is .75" diameter x 9.25" high and hold 2 AA batteries, not included. Included are 4 ivory plastic construction taper candles with translucent amber flickering faux flame, non moving. Candle stick base, screws on and off and holds in batteries and activates light. Base includes rubber rings to secure into your favorite candle holder. With the 5 hour timer, they�re ideal for window lights during the holidays. Just turn them on at 6pm, they will flicker for 5 hours and turn off until 6pm the next evening. Clean the tapers with a damp cloth. The battery powered tapers illuminates without the danger of a real flame. \n \nUses \n� Use in any candle stick holder, candelabria or anywhere you would use wax taper candles \n� Ideal for wedding centerpieces, staircases, church isle, and window sills \n� Battery powered candle stick tapers are a great way to illuminate for weddings, holidays, summer bbq, halloween, family reunions, new years eve, birthday parties, fund raising and home d�cor \n� Flameless taper candles add warmth and sophistication to any holiday table or romantic setting \n��Place into a clear glass vase anchor with rice or small pebbles for a personal touch \n

Battery LED Taper Candles - Amber 4L

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