LumaLite, a LumaBase� exclusive design and specially created for luminarias. The bright changing color light works over 70-100 hours and includes a convenient timer feature! The changing color light adds a unique look to a plastic or paper luminaria bag or a jack o'lantern \n \nProduct Features \n� 6 bright changing color LED flameless plastic base lights \n� Size: 3.1875? x 3.1875? x 2.25? square (8cm x 8cm x 5.715cm) \n� Uses 3 AA batteries, not included \n� 5 hour timer cycle: 5 hours on/19 hours off cycle automatically repeats daily \n� Water resistant, reusable, use indoor and outdoor, not submersible \n� Provides enough weight for anchoring luminarias \n� Housing color: white \n� Light color: changing color \n \nDescription \n6 LumaLites 3.1875? x 3.1875? x 2.25? square lights, each with a timer. The 5 hour timer cycle: 5 hours on/19 hours off cycle automatically repeats daily makes this light perfect for multiple uses. When batteries are inserted, it provides weight to anchor a paper or plastic luminaria bag. Provides a changing color light. Weather resistant, not submersible. \n \nUses \n� Use in a tabletop lantern, luminarias, metal or wood lanterns, jack o�lanterns, window sills, mantels or just on their own \n� A colorful choice for decorating for holidays, new years eve parties, Halloween, weddings or event dinners \n� The colorful and luminous light turns a faceted crystal vase into an artistic centerpiece \n

Battery LumaLite LED Light Changing Color w/Timer 6L

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