�Southwest� adobe luminarias are an enchanting way to welcome guests and illuminate a darkened walkway during the holidays. They create a festive atmosphere for any season or occasion. Sometimes called farolitos made popular in the southwest, these luminarias have been modernized and upgraded to trendy designs and lasting material. Your family and friends will feel welcomed to your home with beautifully illuminated luminarias lining the walkway. Unique and easy�to�use, these decorative luminarias include a convenient 5 hour timer in the LumaBase battery light. \n \nProduct Details \n� LumaBase LumaLite battery powered light: 3.125? x 3.125? x 2?, molded plastic polystyrene, amber flickering light, timer 5 hours on/19 hours off, uses 3 AA batteries, not included \n� Luminaria bags: 6? x 3.5? x 10?, weatherproof, weather resistant, translucent plastic, folds up just like a paper bag \n� Can be used indoor and outdoor \n� Includes 6 LumaLite battery powered flickering LED light and 6 tan plastic bags \n \nDescription \nThe tan plastic bags are 6? x 3.5? x 10? when set up, and made of a polystyrene material. The plastic is translucent to allow a natural and pleasing overall glow. The bag construction has a straight cut top and is sealed along the side so not to interfere with any bag design. When the LumaLite is loaded with 3 AA batteries, it provides weight to anchor the luminaria bag. LumaLite LED light provides bright flickering amber light for over 360 hours and includes a convenient 5 hour timer. Turn the light on at 6pm one evening, it will turn itself off at 11pm and then turn itself back on at 6pm the following day. \n \nUses \n� �Southwest� adobe luminarias are an enchanting way to welcome guests and illuminate a darkened walkway during the holidays \n� Luminaries are a tradition to line your walkway, patio, driveway, deck, sidewalk and poolside for a party, special celebration, winter and summer holidays or for year round outdoor decor \n� Luminarias are ideal for decorating and lighting for a wedding, winter holiday, summer bbq, Halloween, family reunion, new years eve, birthday party, fund raising or outdoor living \n� The LumaLite can be used on it's own on table settings, window sills, mantels, and in jack o'lanterns, decorative lanterns and plastic luminaria bags \n� No matter what the occasion, LumaBase has a variety of luminaria kits to choose from and made with quality materials that won�t break your budget.

Battery LumaLite LED Luminaria Kit - Tan 6ct

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