Dreamcatcher Nightlights - Light up your child's bedroom with our dreamy nightlights.  Can be customized with your name or text.




Auto on/off with built-in light sensor, which will detect the light intensity.  It will light up automatically in the dark and turn off in light. Just plug in, no need to turn on/off the light.


The night light can be used in bedrooms hallw,ay, bathrooms, passageways, kitchen, living room, nursery room, etc.


Consumes less power with dusk-to-dawn sensor. The brightness changes according to ambient light. The darker the surroundings are, the brighter the nightlight will be. Operating at 12hrs/day, only 1.3 kwh is consumed per year.


Soft Brightness - 0.3 watts, 40 lumens, daylight 5000k.


Safe and Reliable--Small size, won’t cover up other sockets, 110-130V AC input, standard US plug, no batteries needed, no heat, safe for kids room.

Dreamcatcher Night Lights


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