Illuminate the entire Neighborhood with Traditional Walkway Lanterns

Complete with:
– 100 Economy White Kraft Luminaria Bags
– 100 LumaBase
– 100 Extended Burn Tealight Candles

Ideal for Neighborhood, Community and Fund Raising Luminarias Buy in Bulk and Save!

Product Details
– Bag Size: 6″ W x 3–1/2″D x 11″H
– For large areas, line the luminarias 6–8 feet apart
– For smaller areas such as walkways and driveways, line the luminarias 2–4 feet apart
– The LumaBase candle is a reusable easy–no mess to weight down the bag

When using candles…
– Use outdoor only
– Keep away from anything flammable
– Avoid using in dry/drought conditions
– Place on a level non–flammable surface

Use your Luminarias for…
– Christmas Holidays – Halloween – Pool Parties – Independence Day – Memorial Day Picnic – New Years Eve – Birthday Party – Wedding & Anniversary celebrations

Place your Luminarias along…
– Walkway – Driveway – Sidewalk – Patio/Deck – Porch – Pool and Pond – Picnic Area – Waterway

Economy Luminaria Complete Kit 100ct

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