What better way to celebrate the gathering of friends and family during the winter holidays then with Luminarias! Illuminate your walkway with Luminarias to welcome your guests to your home. Product Details-10 plastic luminaria lanterns, 5.75"W x 3.5"D x 10"H and made of a translucent plastic. 1 - 30 foot (360") plug-in light cord with 10 C-7 5watt bulbs, 36" between bulbs, bulbs 3000 hours, nickel base, 120 volt cord. UL cord approved. Cord features end to end connectors and include 5amp fused plugs. Connect up to 4 string lights per power source. Ground stakes: 4" x 1", used to secure the luminarias to the ground by pushing the stake through the bottom hole in the luminaria to keep it from blowing over.

Description: white semi-translucent plastic luminaria lantern with a 1-2-3 fold-in bottom for easy assembly. 1-30 foot (360?) plug-in light cord in green, 27 foot (324?) light to light, 30? lead from plug, 6? tail with connector and 10 C7 5watt 5 red and 5 green bulbs 3 foot (36") apart. Note: the luminaries are not in colors, the colorful bulbs create the colorful look. 10 ground stakes used to anchor the luminaria to the ground to prevent them from blowing over in the wind. Bulb replacement packs are available. The green cord camouflages nicely into natural outdoor grass and gardens.

Electric Luminaria Kit - Red & Green Lights 10L

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