Bring a magnificent ambiance to your home with these bright and beautiful multi strand fairy lights! Strong yet bendable, they can be formed into any shape you want and can be easily hung up anywhere with a built-in hook.


Includes: 1 plug-in cord, hanging post with hole, 10 - 108" (9') strands of lights on a bendable wire. 30 LED lights per strand (300 total lights. Each strand measures 9 feet. Steady light, 110V power source, UL listed. Water and rain proof. Wire color: copper, LED Light color: warm white.


Simply plug-in these electric lights to create a magical effect. 36" lead from the plug to a convenient plastic post with a hole at the top for securing the top of the lights. 10 strands of bendable wire each with 30 LED mini fairy lights (size of a rice kernel) attached to the post and plug giving you 300 total lights. 3.75" between each light. Each LED looks like a glimmering water droplet clinging to a shiny wire. The bendable waterproof wires can be wrapped around branches, trees and bushes. This design allows a waterfall effect flowing down on a table or entrance way. Add lights to your patio garden for night time illumination. Wrap around garland made of ivy, flowers or leaves. Plug-in string lights are a great way to add style and light for wedding receptions, winter holidays, Halloween, birthday parties, fund raising event, summer barbecue, family reunion or indoor/outdoor living decor.

Electric Multi Strand Fairy Lights - White/Copper 300L

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