Energy efficient and long lasting quality bright mini plug-in string lights transform your decorating into a festive event. These durable lights are virtually unbreakable and will light for over 200,000 hours. For outdoors, wrap around trees, shrubbery and patio umbrellas. For indoors, decorate the Christmas tree, bannister and mantel.


Product Details: 1 cord at 180" in length, with 70 multi color bulbs at 2.5" bulb spacing. Total length: 180", lighted: 167", lead: 6", tail: 6" on green cord.  If one bulb goes out, the rest stay lit, end to end plug, 48 max sets connected. For indoor and outdoor use, UL Listed, energy star certified, watts 4.83, steady light, approx. 200,000 hours of bulb use. Bulb light: multi color

Electric String Light - Multi Color 70L

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