Fun illuminated plug-in nylon square lanterns transform any room or outdoor party into a festive event. Bring a cheerful atmosphere to your event with weather resistant string light nylon lanterns. They are an economical way to add color and dimension to your event. Any way you use them, they're sure to create a beautiful ambiance.


Product Details - Includes: 10 - 2.25"  x 2.25" x 2.5" lighted nylon lanterns on a 84" (7') string light white cord. 24" from plug to first light, 6" spacing between lights, 6" tail, 54" light to light. UL listed electric/plug-in cord. End to end connectors, connect up to 50 strings to one circuit/power source. Fully assembled. Extra bulbs and fuse included. Weather resistant, indoor or temporary outdoor use. Lantern color: white


Description: 10 white square nylon lanterns lighted on a 84" white cord. Whether the sun sets before or during your party, these illuminated nylon lanterns sets a festive and fun atmosphere. Completely assembled making this ready to display right out of the package! The end to end plugs allow connecting up to 50 strings to a power source. \


Uses: Plug-in, easy nylon lantern string lights are ideal to add color and light for weddings, winter holidays, Halloween, birthday parties, fund raising event, summer barbecue, family reunion and dorm room. Chinese lanterns are an economical decor that creates a beautiful ambiance. Hang them on tree branches, a patio umbrella, a party tent or above a table setting. Hang a ribbon on the bottom wire of the lanterns and hang them between branches for a garden party, allowing the lanterns to sway gently in the wind or at the entrance of your party, above your dining area or dinner table, under a party tent, under a ceiling at an event, under the roof overhang or under your patio umbrella.

Electric String Lights Nylon Lantern Square - White 10L

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