Floating candles drifting on your pool or pond, bowl or fountain will transform your outdoor decor. Place in a antique bucket full of water and colored beads for a breathtaking accent piece. White round unscented long burning large floating wax candles provide illumination and delight. \n \nProduct Details \n� 12 Large Round Floating Candles \n� Size: 3" x 1.1875" \n� Burn time: 8 � 8.5 hours depending on optimal conditions \n� Hard white wax, unscented \n \nDescription \n12 hard unscented white wax candles are designed to float on water but can be used on a flat dry surface. If used outside with no wind, your unscented floating candles will burn 8 to 8.5 hours. Our unscented floating candles are perfect as table centerpieces! Floating candles can be placed in a clear glass bowl or vase for a special effect that draws the eye.� You can add stones, seashells, or crystals to the bowl to increase the visual appeal, and place the bowl on a flat mirror for even greater impact.� \n \nUses \n� Floating candles are a perfect way to decorate \n� Display them in pools, ponds, outdoor fountains \n� Transform your table with illumination using these lovely little long burning floating candles \n� Float in a water filled bowl and add flowers, pebbles or colored beads

Floating Candles Large 12ct

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