Authentic dried flowers set into genuine wax battery operated candles will add a delightful touch to your home decor. The amber glow adds a realistic shimmering flickering candle light without any drips, danger, smoke or flames. \n \nProduct Details \n� Includes: 2 round wax candles with imbedded golden dried flowers with flickering light \n� Size: 3.25" diameter x 4" \n� Real ivory wax construction with real dried flowers in the wax \n� Requires 2 AA batteries, not included \n� Light time: up to 100 hours on a fresh set of batteries \n� 6H�off�8H switch, 6 hours on or 8 hours on \n \nDescription \nDecoratively designed with dried flowers imbedded into genuine white wax and formed into this LED flameless candle. The amber flickering light gives a natural flame effect. These candles have a straight top. The candles are unscented, dripless and flameless. The genuine wax is white in color with the flowers throughout the outer edge of the candle, the flickering flameless light is amber in color. The timer feature makes these candles easy and carefree for your home decor. \nSwitch on 6H and enjoy the lit candle for 6 hours, then it will turn off automatically, then turn on in 18 hours. \nSwitch on 8H and enjoy the lit candle for 8 hours, then it will turn off automatically, then turn on in 16 hours. \nSwitch to OFF and your candle will remain off until changed. \n \nUses \n� Add to your home decor centerpiece, coffee table, window sill or mantel \n� LED candles make a perfect decorative addition for weddings, holiday parties, Thanksgiving, Halloween, family reunions, fund raising events, girls night out, dinner party, new years eve and everyday decor \n� No matter what the occasion, LumaBase has a variety of LED flameless candles to choose from and made with quality materials that won�t break your budget \n� Decorative LED candles make a lovely hostess or teachers gift \n

LED Wax Candles - Dried Flowers (set of 2)

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