Create a festive holiday atmosphere to your decor with lovely silver snowflake flameless wax candles. Enjoy the classic soft flickering glow of a candle without any drips, danger, smoke or flames.\n\nProduct Details\n� Includes: 2 round raised silver snowflake wax candles with flickering light\n� Size: 3.5" diameter x 6.625" \n� Requires 2 AA batteries, not included\n� Light time: up to 100 hours on a fresh set of batteries\n� Includes a 6H�off�8H timer switch\n��Genuine white wax candle construction with raised silver snowflakes design\n\nDescription\nA pair of snowflake LED wax candles have a natural curved wavy top to simulate a slightly melted candle. The genuine white wax has raised metallic silver snowflakes design in the wax throughout the candle. The amber flickering light gives a natural effect. Worry free with no scent, odor, drips or real flame. The 6 and 8 hour timer makes home decorating so easy and convenient.\nSwitch on 6H and enjoy the lit candle for 6 hours, then it will turn off automatically, then turn on in 18 hours.\nSwitch on 8H and enjoy the lit candle for 8 hours, then it will turn off automatically, then turn on in 16 hours.\nSwitch to OFF and your candle will remain off until changed.\n\nUses\n� Add to your home decor centerpiece, coffee table, window sill or mantel\n� LED candles make a perfect decorative addition for weddings, holiday parties, Thanksgiving, Halloween, family reunions, fund raising events, girls night out, dinner party, new years eve and everyday decor\n� No matter what the occasion, LumaBase has a variety of LED flameless candles to choose from and made with quality materials that won�t break your budget\n� Decorative LED candles make a lovely hostess or teachers gift

LED Wax Candles - Snowflake (set of 2)

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