Nothing says holidays like luminarias glowing along your walkway to welcome family and friends. Whether you are lighting your walkway at Christmas time, having the family over for a holiday party, luminary bags bring warmth and light to any gathering.

Product Details: Complete kit includes: 12 white flame resistant luminary bags, 12 tealight wax candles, 12 LumaBase candle holders.

Luminary bags: 6"W x 3.5"D x 11"H, paper material with a flame resistant additive, corner glued so not to distract illumination, Tealight candles: 1.5" diameter x .5" in a metal tin to capture the melted wax, up to 4 hour burn time depending on outside conditions. LumaBase: 5.625" x 3.25" x 1.75", fits perfectly inside our luminary bags, holds three different sizes of candles and LEDs, openings to accept: 1.375" , 1.25", .75" diameters, when filled with water or sand the weight anchors the bag. Plastic contains a non-flammable additive. Note: LumaBase can melt under direct flame but will not catch fire.


The bag thickness is translucent to allow a natural and pleasing overall glow. The bag construction has a straight cut top and is sealed along the side so not to interfere with any bag design. Traditional tealight wax candles can burn up to 4 hours depending on weather conditions and have no odor or scent. LumaBase is 5.625" x 3.25" x 1.75" and so easy to use. Pull out the cap, fill with tap water, pop the cap back in. This will provide you with about a pound of weight to anchor your luminary. LumaBase helpful hint: If you plan on keeping the water stored in your luminarias, add a drop of dish detergent to avoid mold. When filling up your LumaBase, leave a little air space to allow for expanding in freezing weather.


Luminarias are ideal for decorating and lighting for a winter wedding, theme party, Christmas and winter holidays.

Luminary Candle Kit - Flame Resistant 12 Ct

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