Luminarias are a lovely way to welcome guests and illuminate a darkened walkway through the year and especially during the holidays. The LumaBase has replaced the need for messy sand and modernized luminaria displays to make them easy and lasting!


Product Details: LumaBase size 5.625"W x 3.25"D x 1.75"H

Material: polypropylene plastic with a non-flammable additive. The base can melt under direct flame but will not catch fire and will extinguish itself. Holds three different sizes of lights: recessed areas to accept: 1.5", 1.125",.75". When filled with water it provides enough weight (about a pound) to anchor a luminaria bag. Easy to use: pull out the blue cap, fill with water, pop the cap back in. Non-flammable and reusable. When filling up your LumaBase with water, leave a little air space to allow for expanding in freezing temperatures. Helpful hint: if you plan on keeping the water stored in your luminarias for a long period of time, add a drop of dish detergent to avoid mold. Keep away from any flammable materials.  Includes: 100 LumaBases


LumaBase was designed specifically for use to hold the light source securely and anchor luminarias. The non-flammable, reusable holder makes luminarias easy to set-up and display and replace the traditional use of messy sand. Luminarias are an old and beautiful tradition, the LumaBase is designed to keep the look but improved to make it safer and an easier set-up. Can be used with paper or plastic luminaria bags. It also works as an anchor for a string of balloons wrapped around the base.

LumaBases 100ct (Bases Only)

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