Illuminate any party or event by adding twinkling natural flame candle light to the decor. These long burning mega tealight candles have a 12 hour burn time so they can stay lit for the entire event or evening. Let our mega long burning tealights help you add excitement and illumination to your next occasion, such as weddings, parties, dances, and everyday living.


Product Details: 12 mega jumbo candles in metal tin

Size: 2.25" diameter x .875", 12 hour burn time. Metal tin captures melted wax.


Description: These mega (2.25" diameter) unscented tealight candles are larger than traditional tealights will burn up to 12 hours. They are made from the highest quality wax. Perfect for an outdoor picnic, party or event. They come in a metal container making it mess-free and for easy replacement in any candle holder.


Uses: Add mega tealights in a decorated glass jar, luminary bags, metal lanterns, hanging lanterns or just by themselves. Keep extra on hand for your next outdoor gathering. Ideal for outdoor spring weddings, holidays, summer nights and family picnics

Mega Tealights Unscented 12HR Burn Time - 12ct

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