Long lasting mini electric LED string lights transform your decorating into a festive event. These durable long lasting string lights are virtually unbreakable and will light for over 200,000 hours. Hang on trees, shrubs, patio umbrellas or roof tops

Product Details
– 1 cord at 180″ in length, with 70 multi–color (Y/G/R/B/O) bulbs at 2.5″ bulb spacing
– Total length: 180″, lighted: 167″, lead: 6″, tail: 6″ on Green cord
– If one bulb goes out, the rest stay lit!
– End–to–end plug, 48 max sets connected
– For indoor and outdoor use
– UL Listed, energy star certified, watts 4.83
– Steady light, approx. 200,000 hours of bulb use

Mini LED String Lights Multi Color 70 Lights

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