Spooky weather resistant bold jack o'lanterns luminaria bags make for a fun and illuminated walkway for the little trick or treaters or party guests! \n \nProduct Details \n� 12 weather resistant plastic jack o'lanterns luminaria bags \n� Size: 6" W x 3.5" D x 10"H \n� Translucent material allow for a brighter display \n� Straight cut top for a clean traditional look \n� Heat sealed in the corner so not to distract illuminating design \n� Use outdoors or indoors with LED lights (lights not included) \n� This bag is not designed to be used with an electric cord \n \nDescription \nBag size is 6" wide x 3.5" deep x 10" high. Quality crafted and printed weather resistant plastic luminaria bags. Constructed just like a paper bag makes it easy to set up. Do not use this bag with real flame candles. The plastic construction makes these luminaria bags perfect for Halloween Night and Spooky celebrations. Light source is not included. \n \nUses \n� Use with the LumaBase or use with an inch of sand to anchor the bag \n� Our classic and elegant bag designs make these luminarias perfect to make any occasion more festive \n� Luminarias are ideal for decorating and lighting for weddings, winter holidays, summer bbq, Halloween, family reunions, new years eve, birthday parties, fund raising and dorm rooms \n� Perfect for lining your steps, walkway to your front door or deck and along the patio \n� Add a colorful LED light to create a personel touch \n \n

Plastic Luminaria Bag - Orange JOL 12ct

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