Luminaria lanterns are a lovely way to welcome guests and illuminate a darkened walkway during the holidays. They create a festive atmosphere for any season or occasion. Once called farolitos made popular in the southwest, these luminarias have been modernized and upgraded to trendy designs and lasting material.

Product Details - Lantern size: 5.75"W x 3.5"D x 10"H and made of a translucent plastic. Use with our LED lights, colored submersibles, LumaBase LumaLite or can be use with the 10L plug-in bulb cord through the hole in back of the lantern. Best used with the LumaBase to anchor down the luminaria on a hard surface such as your walkway or sidewalk. Use with the LumaBase or use an inch of sand to anchor the bag.  The classic and bold silver snowflake luminaria design gives a special touch to your winter wedding or winter holiday. Keep away from any flammable surface. 


Description: These luminaria lanterns are a more rigid translucent material allowing your light source to shine through but thin enough to fold flat to store. Easy assemble required with a 1-2-3 fold in-tab bottom to create the perfect luminaria. The bold silver snowflake design creates a classic winter atmosphere to your entrance way making it ideal for the holiday season or a winter weddings. The LumaBase candle holder can be added and fits perfectly inside to anchor the lantern. This material is not flame resistant. We do not recommend using a real flame candles with this plastic lantern. Light source not included. Try a blue or changing color light to create a personal display.

Uses : Line your steps, sidewalk, walkway, driveway, mantel and window sills with these beautiful durable plastic luminarias. Luminarias are ideal for weddings, Christmas celebrations, birthday parties, graduation celebrations. Use for adding subtle light along a darken walkway or path.

Plastic Luminaria Lantern - Snowflake 10ct

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