Celebrate the floral scents of spring and summerly year in an exclusive candle collection from LumaBase. The lovely floral fragances change any room into an inviting atmosphere. \n \nProduct Details \n� 3�18oz Floral Collection scented candles \n� Includes: 1�18oz French Tulip, 1�18oz Morning Glory, 1�18oz Lavender Garden, poured in Apothecary glass Jars with lid \n� Size: 4" x 4" x 6" \n� Candles are 65% parafin and 35% soy \n� Can burn up to 115 hours \n� For indoor and outdoor use \n \nDescription \nThese Apothecary glass jars are filled 65% paraffin and 35% soy. 3�18oz Floral Collection includes your favorite scents from the garden. Bring the outside fragrance and lush scent of brilliantly hued flowers into your home. French Tulip will take you to the lovely French countryside, Morning Glory unravels into full bloom in the early morning to start the day with happiness and Lavender Garden brings the English grove to your room with an soothing and luxurious fragrance \n \nUses \n� Display on a coffee table, in your kitchen or porch \n� Makes a great gift for the teacher, friend, in a gift basket, bridal shower, birthday or just to enjoy in your favorite sunlit room \n� Going to a friends home? These candles make a nice gift for avid gardener

Scented Candles Floral Collection 3-18oz

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