Bring the fragrance of freshly watered and blooming flower garden into your home with the floral scented candle collection from LumaBase \n \nProduct Details \n� Includes: 6�3oz floral "naturals" collection scented \n� Candles included: 2 Rose Petal, 2 Gardenia, 2 Potpourri \n� Mason jar with metal lid \n� Size: 3" x 3" x 2.5" \n� Candles are made of paraffin, lemongrass oil, citronella oil \n� The deet free formula is used as a mosquito repellent \n� Each candle will burn for 19 hours \n� For indoor and outdoor use \n \nDescription \nPoured into a genuine mason jar with tin lid. When finished burning, close lid to protect wax for next use. The lovely colors add a fresh look to indoor or outdoor decor. The 3oz floral collection keeps your home smelling fresh and herbal with fragrances of Rose Petal, Gardenia and Potpourri. Rose Petal scent brings the delicate fragrance of soft rose petals and delights the senses of a fresh cut bouquet of rose fragrance. Gardenia symbolizes love, harmony and grace. Soft floral notes of Gardenia, sweetened by the sun. Potpourri offers a perfect combination between fruits and florals. \n \nUses \n� Display on a table, near pool or pond, on deck, kitchen or sunroom \n� The floral scented candle collection make a lovely gift for a hostess, party, teacher, friend, gift basket, or just to enjoy in your favorite sunlit room

Scented Candles Floral Collection 6-3oz

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