Decorate your patio, porch and garden with this delightful white ceramic solar lantern. Display on your patio, porch and garden. The brilliant�white color adds a subtle level of illumination�through the �leaf� shape�openings, making it a perfect lantern for the garden. Since it�s solar�powered, you can place them�anywhere you like with no extension cord needed. Charged�by the sun, this lantern will make sure that your patio has light�even when�the sun isn't out. Use them to highlight the look of your home and yard from�dusk 'til dawn. With the wire handle, it can be hung on a�shepherd�s hook. \n \nProduct Details \n��Includes: 1�white ceramic�lantern�with�solar panel lid, 1 PC 1.2V�AA Ni�MH, removable wire handle \n� Size: 4.25" x 4.25" x 5.5" lantern with a 4.25" wire handle \n� 6�7 hour light time, on/off switch \n� Battery included 1 PC 1.2V AA Ni�MH \n� Ceramic with decorative leaf�shape openings \n� Weather resistant \n� Light sensitive on/off \n� Steady light \n \nDescription \nA white ceramic crafted lantern with a solar panel recessed in the top. The almond shapes cut throughout allow the light to shine through and to create a magical pattern. The long black wire handle can be removed or is ideal for hanging on a shepherds hook. The size is 4.25" x 4.25" x 5.5" with a 4.25" wire handle, on/off switch located underneath the solar panel. CHARGE IN FULL SUN FOR 8 HOURS PRIOR TO USE \n \nUses \n� Great for added light on your patio table, near pool side and in the garden \n� Hang on a shepherd�s hook and place a few along a walkway to light the way \n��Ideal lanterns for hanging from shepherd's hooks along a pathway can guide guests to a reception \n \n

Solar Ceramic Lantern White

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