Charged by the sun, this lantern with shepherd’s hook will make sure that your patio has light even when the sun has set. Display this classicly designed lantern on your patio, porch and garden. The white LED light adds a cool glow of illumination. Since it’s solar powered, you can place them anywhere you like with no extension cord needed. Use them to highlight the look of your home and yard from dusk ’til dawn. Hang on the shepherd’s hook or just alone on a tabletop.

Product Details
– Includes: 1 black plastic lantern with 4 solar panel on the roof, 4 crystal clear plastic panels and 1 (KD) shepherd’s hooks
– Lantern Size: 5.75” x 5.75” x 9” with an off white pillar candle
– Shepherd’s hook size: set up 6.375″ x 30.25″, 4 parts, some assembly required, kd 6.375″ x 9″
– 6–7 hour light time, on/off switch under the roof.
– Battery included 1 PC 1.2V AAA Ni–MH
– Weather resistant
– Light sensitive on/off

This solar lantern has 4 sides with a creative window frame, faux candle, hanging loop and shepherd’s hook. 6–7 hour light time, on/off switch under the roof. Twist the roof to the left to release to turn on or off. To place roof back onto lantern, twist to the right to lock in. This popular designed lantern makes it perfect for most outdoor decor. Charge in full sunlight for no less than 8 hours. The shepherd’s hook set up 6.375″ x 30.25″ It comes in 4 parts (great for storing), some assembly required, kd 6.375″ x 9″.

– Great for added light near a backyard pool or pond
– The versitile shepherd’s hook allows the lantern to be placed along a walkway
– Looks lovely in your flower garden
– Use to illuminate a walkway or entrance way

How it Works
During the day, the solar panel converts solar power into the rechargeable battery. At night, the light turns on automatically by the stored energy. How long the light lasts depends on its location, weather conditions and seasonal lighting availability.

Choosing the Right Location
An outdoor location with direct sunshine each day is an ideal location for Solar Light. Shady locations will influence the batteries charge and may shorten the working time of the light at night time. The Solar light should not be placed near lighting such as street lights, which may cause the light to turn off as there is a sensor inside to feel brightness and control the light working.
The Solar light is ideal for night time lighting of the garden, lawn, patio, walks or wherever needed. You can also charge the lights outdoors then use as indoor illumination.


To note that the light is designed to work when ambience turns to dark. If there are strong light sources nearby then the lamp might be very dim or not work at all.
Although the battery has been charged by the manufacturer, the electric levels will have dropped when you receive it. Please charge it for a full day to optimize performance.
The surface of the solar light must be dept clean, if not, this will influence the efficiency of charging.

How to Use
There is an “on/off” switch at the bottom of top panel. Push the switch to the “on” position and position the light in a sunny location..
If the light does not turn on automatically after a 6 hour charge please check the following;
1) Check the battery to ensure it is making correct contact with the terminals.
2) Check that the lamp is placed in a sunny location and that the solar panel is facing the sun.

Replacing Batteries
If the light stops working after it has been used for a long time (approx.12 months), the battery may be beyond its lifespan. You may open the cover to change a new rechargeable battery.
WARNING: This is not a toy. Keep away from children and pets.

Solar Lantern & Shepherds Hook Black 1ct

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