Charged�by the sun, these�spot lights will make sure that your patio has light even when�the sun has set. Place the lights to illuminate your patio, garden, steps and potted plants. The�white color LED adds a clear subtle glow of illumination.�Since it�s solar powered,�you can place them anywhere you like with no extension cord needed. Use them to highlight the look of your home and�yard from�dusk �til dawn.\n\nProduct Details\n��Includes:�2 black�plastic spot lights�with�solar panel, 1 PC 1.2V AAA Ni�MH with ground stakes\n� Overall size:�4.5" x 3.5" x 13"\n� Spot Light size: 3.5" x 4.5" x 2.25"diameter\n� Post size: .875" x .875" x 1.75"\n� Stake size: 1" x 1" x 4.75"\n� 6�7 hour light time, on/off switch\n� Battery included 1 PC 1.2V AAA Ni�MH\n� Weather resistant\n� Light sensitive on/off\n� The solar panel can be adjusted left to right, top and bottom to absorb the most sunshine light\n\nDescription\nThese versatile spot lights are designed to be placed just about anywhere in your yard. And, compliments most outdoor decor. The KD construction is easy to assemble and display. Disassemble for compact storage. Keep in a sunny area to charge the panel for nighttime illumination. CHARGE IN FULL SUN FOR 8 HOURS PRIOR TO USE\n\nUses\n� Display for added light near a backyard pool and patio\n� Place along a darkened walkway to guide with illumination\n��Placed throughout your garden creates magical up lighting effect\n� Place the lights to illuminate your patio, garden, steps and potted plants\n

Solar Spot Light - Black 2ct

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