Decorate your patio, porch and garden with these Solar beautiful bright white round globe lights�on a cord with optional stakes for the ground! \nTheir light�adds a subtle level of illumination to your outdoor space. Since they're solar powered, you can place them anywhere you like with no extension cord needed. Charged by the sun, these lights make sure that your lawn has light even when the sun isn't out. Use them to highlight the look of your home and yard from dusk 'til dawn. Glowing white lights are a great way illuminate your walkway with provided stakes! Remove the stakes and the lights are perfect for under patio umbrellas, on along deck railing, tree branches and fences. \n \nProduct Details \n��Includes: 8 � 2.5" white plastic round globes with steady white lights on a cord with solar battery panel \n� Size: 2.5� round lanterns, 180" (15�) long, 20� between each light, black cord \n� 8 stakes for use in ground, or removable for hanging \n� 6�7 hour light time, on/off switch \n� Battery included 1 PC 1.2V AA Ni�MH \n \nDescription \n8 white lights in translucent round 2.5 inch globes, polycrystalline solar panel, weather resistant and sturdy construction, light sensitive on/off switch, removable stakes for ground use or draping on branches. The weather proof semi translucent globes allow the light to emit evenly and create a perfectly color ball. CHARGE IN FULL SUN FOR 8 HOURS PRIOR TO USE \n \nUses \n� Place along your walkway to guide guests to your front door or around a pool and patio \n� Remove the ground stakes to hang along branches or draped across a picnic table using two shepherd's hook at each end of the table \n� Add bright white light to any area without the need of an electrical outlet \n� Charge by the sun...keep solar panel exposed in bright sunlight \n \n

Solar String 2.5" Round Light White 8L

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