Charged�by the sun, these faceted balls on string lights will make sure your patio has light even when�the sun has set. Use them to highlight the look of your home and�yard from�dusk �til dawn.\n\nProduct Details\n� Includes: 30 - .5" faceted plastic balls with 30 cool white LED lights on an 195" cord, solar panel with ground stake\n� Size: total length 195�, 79" lead length, 4" between each light, no tail\n� Round faceted plastic ball .5"\n� 6�7 hour light time\n� Lighting options: 0 = off, 1 = blinking, 2 = steady\n� Battery included 1 PC 1.2V AA Ni�MH\n� Polycrystalline solar panel for sunlight charging (Charge at least 8 hours in full sun)\n� Weather resistant\n� Light sensitive on/off\n� Steady light\n\nDescription\nThese faceted molded balls create a unique illumination when the sun sets. On the battery panel are lighting options: 0 = off, 1 = blinking, 2 = steady. Place the ground stake in a sunny area. These string lights make it perfect for most outdoor decor. Keep in a sunny area to charge the panel for nighttime illumination. CHARGE IN FULL SUN FOR 8 HOURS PRIOR TO USE\n\nUses\n� Add these string lights to your entrance way, around shrubbery, under a patio umbrella (allowing the solar panel exposed to the sun light) and under tree branches\n� Wrap around a garland for year round ambient lighting\n� The bright light shines through the faceted balls to add illumination to�your outdoor�space\n� Since they're solar powered, you can place them anywhere you like with�no extension cord needed\n� Hang around your garden to create landscape lighting and to highlight your flowers or trees \n� Ideal for your outdoor wedding celebration, summer party and holiday

Solar String Lights Faceted Balls - White 30L

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