Long burning Votive Candles provide hours of warm ambient lighting for your tabletop, windowsills and luminarias.

Our glowing 10 hour burning votive candles are a wonderful way to illuminate your home.

Product Details
– 72 molded votive candles
– Candle size is 1–1/2″ x 1–1/4″
– Use in a container or jar to capture the melted wax
– Candle melts before it burns
– To get 10 hours of burn time, use candle in a container or jar
– Stock up for future parties and events
– Perfect for illuminating a tabletop for weddings, holidays, summer outdoor parties, new years eve and event

72 – 10 hour white votive candles. Odorless/unscented. Candles burn up to 10 hours depending on temperature. Always place on a level and secured table.

– Keep your parties festive for hours
– Up to 10 hour burn time
– Makes a nice hostess gift!
– Creates a warm illumination on your reception tables for weddings
WARNING: To Prevent Fire
Follow instructions carefully to prevent fire hazard or injury.
– Burn candle within sight.
– Never on or near anything that can catch fire.
– Keep out of reach of children and pets.
– Tealight Candle Tins will be hot when candle is lit.
– Do not touch until cool.

Votives Candles - 10 Hour 72ct

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